Anti Bacterial Tablets

Price: $2.50

Anti Bacterial Tablets only $2.50

As a service to our customers ... don't go and pay $ for a large packet of these 'must have' anti-bacterial tablets.  Purchase 6 tablets for only $2.50

Ensuring your cria bottles, teats and vaccinators are free from harmful germs.

Milton Anti-Bacterial tablets provide a complete hgygienic protection for your equipment.

How to use:
- Immediately after use, separate components and rinse with cold water.

- Thoroughly wash items with warm water and detergent.

- Prepare 1 Milton Tablet per 2 litres of clean cold water into a plastic container (cake tin). 

- Competely immerse equipment for 20 minutes.  Remove and shake off any excess solution and allow to dry naturally.

- Store equipment in plastic zip-lock bag until ready for use.


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