Terumo Disposable Syringes

Terumo Disposable Syringes

A smooth and perfectly controlled injection is possible due to the doublecontact gasket to ensure an airtight seal.

It makes a smooth and precise plunger action possible.

The ergonomically designed finger grips and push-button allow a perfectly controlled and stable injection.

The highly transparent barrel allows for easy recognition of air bubbles and turbid medication.

The bold scale markings on the barrel assure the precise measurement of the medication dose.

The firm and definite end stop prevents accidental separation or spillages, and avoids exposure to hazardous or infections fluids.

Packed in sterile, individual blister packs keep every syringe in a sterile condition until it will be used.

Please dispose of used needles and syringes correctly.

If you would like smaller quantities see 'one & twos' under Vaccinators, Needles & Syringes.


 1 ml ~ box of 100 ($30.00)
 3 ml ~ box of 100 ($20.00)
 5 ml ~ box of 100 ($30.00)
 10 ml ~ box of 100 ($34.00)
 20 ml ~ box of 50 ($33.00)
 30 ml ~ box of 50 ($77.00)
 50 ml ~ box of 20 ($138.00)

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