Wool Packs

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Wool Packs only $21.50

These wool packs meet the Australian Wool Exchange's (AWEX) criteria.

Nylon wool packs have been imported into Australia since the early 1990's, although usually in small numbers. Most of these packs were used by specialist superfine woolgrowers in the eastern states. During this period there were many varieties of nylon packs imported, which were generally classed as 'experimental' packs and used in pack performance trials. Many of these nylon packs do not meet the current specifications for packs. In particular, some were oversized with large seams. These packs have continued to be used beyond the 'trial period' and many of the problems that have been reported to AWEX, although not all refer to these early nylon packs.

Woolpacks currently approved for importation into Australia are required to meet rigorous standards and quality controls. Before a manufacturer can be approved, they must undergo a certification process to ensure that they have processes in place to ensure that all woolpacks produced meet AWEX's standards. Once approved, sample packs are drawn from each manufacturing batch for laboratory testing. Only woolpacks which pass these tests can be imported into Australia. The wool industry can be assured that the packs are safe to use and will minimise contamination.


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