Alpaca Breeds

There are two types of alpaca, the Huacaya and the Suri.

This is the most common alpaca in South America and Australia. The huacaya has a bonnet of wool on its head. The dense body wool grows straight out from the body. Ideally, fleece coverage is even and extends down the legs. The degree of crimp varies, generally increasing with fleece density.

As a type suri's are very much less common than huacaya's and in Australia only a small percentage of alpacas are suri's. The suri has fleece with a strongly defined staple. The suri is covered in long, pencil find locks, which hang straight down from the body. The fleece has lustre and it feels more slippery and silky that that of the huacaya. The predominant suri colours are white and fawn.

Fibres of both types are considered luxury fibres in the textile trade because of their unique qualities.


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